White Printing Technology with The Xerox® VersaLink C8000W

The VersaLink C8000W incorporates the latest white toner printing technology that lets the machine print white tones. This type of white printing helps add a punch to the images made on any media, starting from color paper, clings, and other substrates.

The benefits of Xerox copies in Miami that are created using white toner printing technology:

Before the white toner printing technology came into existence, many people found difficulties in achieving white tone even after using color papers. If the paper is not white-colored or has a gray tone or other color tones, then achieving vibrant white was a strenuous task. That is where the white printing technique incorporated VersaLink C8000W printer turns out to be a useful machine as it produces copies of images with white tones, irrespective of the media colors used in the first place.

White print applications:

The white print technology is used for different purposes, thereby obtaining remarkable results as it holds onto eye-catching features. White prints are printable on any colored paper to create greeting cards, window clings, banners, invitations, envelopes, menus, and brochures. The type of applications where white tones can be used is highly versatile and creative as well. If your business entails creating brochures and banners, then presenting white tone printed images can help hold your customers’ attention.

Desktop friendly printer:

If you are a small business owner, then you might be worried regarding the kind of space the Xerox copies machine in Miami might occupy. The VersaLink C80000W remains unique as it can be easily placed at your business places without disturbing the surrounding objects in any possible way. This kind of compact sizing is what made people purchase this particular machine.

The white toner printing type of technology can be put to good use once you understand the results you can generate from it. If your business entails making different presentations to attract potential customers, investing in this type of printing technology will benefit you.

Acordis Technology & Solutions has many trained experts who shall rightly understand your printing service needs and then provide the respective services. Their team is just a phone call away. Convey your white toner printing technology needs, and be surprised to receive a sample quote by the end of the call.

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