Ghost immobiliser

Why Vehicle Immobilisers Could Reduce Pursuit Tragedies?

A secure vehicle is just as important as a secure house. Probably because your vehicle is one of your most valuable investment. And you don’t want anyone to break inside your car and steal your valuable belongings. Therefore, the security of your vehicle is your most important concern. You cannot ensure your vehicle security on your own. Some of the common practices include dash cam, ghost immobiliser, tracking systems and alert alarm etc. All these security products have their own specifications and working. And looking for them you can find hundreds of them. So, you can take advise from any vehicle security expert. Therefore, if you are looking for car security installations, Secure My Vehicle is one of its kind. They provide all kinds of vehicle security services with easy installations and affordable prices. 

Ghost immobiliser

What is a ghost immobiliser?

A ghost immobiliser is an ultimate protection for your vehicle. It is able to protect your car from key theft, cloning and hacking. Without physically towing down an immobiliser thief cannot steal your vehicle. Or even after it, they cannot drive your car only a ghost immobiliser was fit to your car. So, ghost immobiliser is the foolproof security for your vehicle. Therefore, it is a trusted device for car-owners and unrecognizable for thieved.

How does a ghost immobiliser work?

One of the prominent features of immobiliser is that thieves are unable to recognize it. Because it doesn’t have any LED indicators or key-fobs and operates on on-board CAN data network. It works by a specific sequence or PIN code. Moreover, users can program this code by using buttons on the dashboard or steering wheel. You need to enter this unique code before starting your engine. This unique code needs to be entered before starting the car engine. This is quite easy and you cannot start your engine before entering the correct PIN code. With easy input system, it ensures the best security to your car engine.

What are some of the key features of ghost immobiliser?

Here are some of the key features of these immobilisers:

  • It offers safer installation as no wire cutting
  • PIN programming via buttons on steering or dashboard
  • Thieves are not able to locate immobiliser
  • Foolproof than other security equipment
  • No radio frequency is involved
  • Silently operates and no additional equipment is required
  • You can have an emergency PIN in case you forgot
  • It can be detached and moved to another car
  • Well-establish communicating system

What if you forgot your immobiliser PIN?

Just like any other device it allows user to reset the PIN code. You can have a security emergency code in case if you forgot PIN. Besides this, you can use a smartphone application to get in and drive off. Further, if you want a car service you can also get another specific code for that too. This assures high-quality security services.

Even if my car has a tracking system, do I still need immobiliser?

Yes, there is still a need for a car immobiliser. Because a tracker is only useful once if someone steals your car. And as er record, the recovery rate of such cars is only 50%. not all cars with GPS trackers are recovered. The reason behind this is that car thieves can easily disable these tracking systems.

Can ghost immobiliser protect my car if someone clones my key?

Yes, immobiliser provides the protection against key clone. In case someone manages to get your keys clones, they will not be able to start the engine. Starting the engine requires PIN sequence without which thieves are unable to start your car.

What is the cost of ghost immobiliser?

The average cost of a ghost immobiliser is around £450. But it is not a one-time investment and you can take it off and install to any other car if you change your vehicle.

Why immobiliser is the best vehicle security system?

Well, there are many reasons for it. First and foremost, is that it provides the best protection against vehicle crimes. Secondly, it is compatible with a wide range of car devices. Moreover, the immobiliser is totally reversible. It needs no additional equipment to operate. Further, it provides mobile support as it is compatible with Apple or Android smartphones.