Why and which technology is best to design Hemp packaging

Today, hemp packaging has become an important communication medium between retailers and end-consumers. Considering the previous decade, it played an integral role in building brand identities. But, at present, the hemp businesses are endorsing advanced technologies to improve the customer experiences with their products. Die-cutting, hot stamp foiling, and digital printing technologies have totally revolutionized the way companies used to look at the packaging. Now, the smart packaging concept is prevailing everywhere, which is the embedding of technology with the packaging. Let us discuss some of these technologies in detail to find out the best one.  


Die-cutting is more of a manufacturing process that is used to make identical cuts on the custom hemp boxes. In this process, the die of a specific shape is made first to introduce the cutout pattern of the same shape on the boxes. The making of dies includes the bending of metal strips and mounting them on wooden blocks. The dies can then be used several times to cut out a specific impression on the packages. The plus point of this technology is that it can be used to form a complex pattern on cardboard-made packages. It generates customer satisfaction in the retail world by permitting them to directly look at the packaged items. The only drawback of this methodology include is that you need to obtain a set of predetermined die shapes.  

Digital printing:

It is a recent technological innovation that is used to print desired artwork on custom hemp boxes. It works the same as a printer in an office, and there is no need to change plates for every different color. Also, It can print smooth designs on the packages and provide a higher color accuracy. It also has the ability to print complex and intricate patterns according to anticipations. One of the main disadvantages of this technology is that it works for the lower print jobs only. It does not work well when there is a need to print the hemp packages in bulk.  

PP and PE laminations:

Polypropylene and polyethylene laminations are a recent technological trend introduced in the world of hemp packages. Their basic job is to enhance the barrier properties of boxes to ensure the safety of packaged contents. The hemp items are usually prone to the effects of moisture, bacteria, dust, chemicals, and other such elements. These laminations add a protective film over the packages and make them defiant against the damaging impacts. The only limitation associated with the use of these films is that they affect the recyclability of boxes. 

Holographic printing:

Holographic printing is another technology used to print the stickers and labels to be pasted on hemp boxes for authenticity. Also, holographic stickers and labels are used to make the hemp packages completely temper-proof. This type of printing produces a pleasant 3D effect without requiring the arrangement of special lighting. It does not work great on ordinary paper. To smooth this process, the paper or printing surface is coated with a special metallic layer or foil first. 

Foil stamping:

Foil stamping is the process of introducing thin metallic sheets of foils directly onto the hemp packages. It is a unique technology that involves the application of heat and pressure to stamp the foils of desired colors. The stamping machine is used to heat the die first in the process. After that, the foil is mounted between the heated die and the packaging surface, where the design is to be stamped. The die presses the foil hard to attach it firmly to the packages. This process can yield a 3D effect, too, if the foil is combined with the embossed design. It forms a pleasant aesthetic appeal of the packages that attract customers from far-off distances. The additional benefit is that the foil can be of any color, such as gold, silver, or holographic silver. 

Of all the technologies used in the designing of custom printed boxes, foil stamping is the most efficient one. Unlike other techniques, it does not have any drawbacks and provides help in obtaining the desired aesthetic result. Other technologies such as die-cutting, holographic printing, and digital printing are effective as well, depending upon the specific need

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