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Why Are Lab Grown Diamonds Becoming More Popular?

In today’s date, diamonds mean ‘Lab Grown Diamonds’. Most of you have a tendency to go as per the market demand, without knowing its pros and cons. Instead of taking your own decision, you love to follow others. Is this what you are? Well, in that case, you should know why Lab Grown diamonds have taken the place of real mined diamonds and why they are ruling the diamond market.


Lab Grown diamonds are again considered Eco-friendly diamonds. Why so? Diamonds that you have studied in your high school, are formed under the Earth’s crust, whereas the diamonds that you are learning now, are created in the laboratory by gemologists. Therefore lab-grown diamonds do not disturb a shovelful amount of earth while their creation. In addition, to get the natural diamonds huge machines are required to mine out the diamonds, which again causes serious pollution.


Just like real mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are also everlasting in nature. These diamonds once bought can be used till eternity. Such everlasting diamonds at a cost-effective rate, isn’t it amazing? Most of you before committing to buy such diamonds, start wondering about their future. But believe us, these diamonds are beyond your wonder. You can’t even imagine such features of real diamonds in lab-grown diamonds.

Similar Graded:

Lab-created diamonds or the New Dawn diamonds are absolutely identical to mined diamonds, in both physical properties and chemical composition. Likewise, they are similarly graded as those natural diamonds. They too possess the four C’s- Cut, Color, Carat, and Clarity, like that of the mined diamonds and are graded by the GIA labs. Don’t worry, the jewelers can’t cheat on you. Because it is the duty of every jeweler to provide the GIA certificate to their buyers on their every purchase.

Multiple Options:

Buyers, especially women always look for varieties while purchasing, no matter whether it is jewelry, costume or something else. They actually want to get the best out of the collection and look the best among others. Moreover, they have a tendency to pair their jewelry with their dress. Is their desire be fulfilled by putting on real mined diamonds? Unfortunately not. Real diamonds can only give you variety in shapes, not in shades. As they are found colorless. But lab-created diamonds can make your dream come true.

All these above-mentioned reasons have taken the breathe away of every potential diamond buyers. Will you like to be the one? Browse Google and get the best destination for buying such diamonds at a reasonable rate. However, if you don’t mind traveling, then we will refer you to visit Chicago’s Diamond district once.

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