Why Brand Awareness Matters

Brand awareness refers to raising awareness about your brand or product amongst your target segment. Branding creates an image in customers’ minds and reminds them of the brand when they need a product or service offered by that brand. A brand with high brand awareness often gets mentioned in a conversation.

For example, recall the last time you needed a hair conditioner. Now there are a number of hair conditioner brands but you must have chosen the brand that was best known for the problems you were looking to solve. The association of those problems with the particular brand is known as branding.

Your brand is a portrayal of your business and showcases your core values, reflects your vision and delivers a strong message about your product or service. Social media marketing agencies are there to create brand awareness. Now we are familiar with brand awareness so it’s time to jump into details to get a better understanding of why it holds so much worth.

Why Does Brand Awareness Matter So Much?

It matters because when customers are familiar with your brand then they’ll most likely choose your brand while making a purchase decision and the more people know about your brand, the higher will be your sales.

Advantages of Brand Awareness

There are many benefits of brand awareness. Some of them are listed below.

Increase Market Share and Sales

Brand awareness is the way to dominate the market and achieve your performance-marketing objectives.

Expand to New Markets

Brand awareness campaigns can be used to target new segments

Why Social Media is great for Brand Awareness

In today’s digital world, social media is a great platform to raise brand awareness and generate revenue. Establishing a good brand image on social media helps in attracting thousands of new customers and maintaining good customer relationships. So let’s find out how social media creates brand awareness.

Enables Engagement

Social media allows you to engage with your customers and familiarise them with your brand in every possible way. It gives you several options such as posting high quality content, sharing engaging stories and responding to customers’ queries. It’s a great platform to interact with customers and allow them to understand your brand better.

Promotes Content

Social media is a place where you can share informative content about your brand. Businesses like to get the most out of social media by sharing their web content and videos on social media to raise awareness about their brand amongst their social media followers. Followers will likely visit and view the content as that’s why they follow brands on social media. Promoting content on social media multiplies the chances of brand awareness as followers can further share your content.

Knowing how useful social media is useful for creating brand awareness isn’t enough. Not everyone can effectively create a brand on social media. Keeping that in mind we have enlisted the ways to increase brand awareness on social media.

Use Visual Content to Increase Brand Awareness

When using social media to create brand awareness, try to make appealing and engaging visual content that’s likely going to stick in customers’ minds. Be creative and come up with catchy taglines or phrases that include your brand name as well as appealing graphics. Customers easily recall visual content as compared to plain text that’s why it’s considered highly useful in creating brand awareness.

Develop a Unique Voice and Personality

Always take a neutral route while interacting with customers on social media. Neither be too formal nor be too casual. Adopt a neutral tone and be respectful. Similarly make sure your content doesn’t sound robotic. Use a friendly and welcoming language while writing content for social media.

Share Great Content

Add valuable information in your content. Try to craft your content in a way that it highlights the key problem and the solution you’re giving to solve that problem. This way customers will more likely read your content as it benefits them and they may share it as well.

Consistent Brand Across All Channels and Your Website

Stay consistent with the color scheme and style across all your social media marketing services channels. Never ever use different colours as it puts a very bad impression and doesn’t match the brand personality. Sticking to the same colours and style help customers associate your brand with those colours and form a consistent brand image.

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