Why do you need to opt for an AI Course?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is field of research that helps in studying how to be able to realize the intelligent human behaviours on a computer software. The end goal of AI is to make a computer able to learn, plan, and solve problems autonomously. Today Artificial Intelligence is one of the emerging trends in tech and with good reason. Last few years have witnessed end number of techniques that previously were in the realm of science fiction slowly getting transformed into reality. Hence, there is an increase in demand of AI courses as well.

According to experts, artificial intelligence is a factor of production, that has the potential to introduce new areas of growth and completely change the way work is done across various industries. According to reports, AI is predicted to increase economic growth by an average of 1.7 percent across 16 industries by 2035. The report also says that, by 2035, AI technologies will increase labour productivity by more than 40 percent   thereby doubling economic growth in around 12 developed nations that continue to bring talented and various   experienced professionals to work in this filed of technology.

History of Artificial Intelligence

This is how AI has evolved in the past six decades:

1956 – John McCarthy innovated the term ‘artificial intelligence’ and conducted the first AI conference.
1969 – Shakey was the first general-purpose mobile robot built which is now able to do things with a purpose vs. just a list of instructions.
1997 – Supercomputer was designed and came into picture which defeated the world champion chess player in a match. It was a great milestone by IBM to create this sort of advanced computer.
2002 – Robotic Vacuum cleaner was created 
2005 – 2019 – Today, we have various technologies such as   speech recognition, robotic process automation (RPA), a dancing robot, smart homes, and various others to come.

Types of Artificial Intelligence 

1. Purely Reactive
In this, machines do not have any idea or memory or data to work with, specializing in just one field of work. For instance, while playing a chess game, the machine keenly observes the moves and makes the best possible move to win the game.

2. Limited Memory
These machines keep on collecting previous data and keep on   adding it to their previous memory. They have enough memory or experience to make proper decisions, however memory is minimal. For example, this machine is able to suggest a restaurant based on the location data that has been gathered from various sources.

3. Theory of Mind
This form of AI is able to understand thoughts processes   and emotions, as well as help in interact socially. However, a complete   machine based on this type is yet to be built in near future.

4. Self-Aware
Self-aware kind of machines are going to be the future generation of these new technologies. They will be intelligent, sentient, and conscious.

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence

In the field of Medical Sciences

  • Today, artificial intelligence has made a adorable impact in the medical industry that has changed the medical industry’s face. Today It is being used in predictions related to future where the patients are being advised about their degrading health and the preventions they can take in order to be a healthy person.
  • Today AI has created a virtual care private assistant that is specifically built for the needs of the people and is widely used for monitoring various types of cases and examining   past cases and their possible outcomes. It also tries to improve their models and efficiency by predicting things that can be made better.

 In the Field of Air Transport
Today Air transport has become the one of the major transport of the world and therefore it has become an urgent need to customize the way they are being operated. Here comes the need of artificial intelligence, where machines can be used for defining the routes and helping the aircrafts for landing and take-off.

In the field of Banking and Financial Institutions

  • Artificial intelligence plays a n important in financial institutions. The banks’ daily tasks such as transactional and financial operations, stock market money and their management, etc. are being looked upon through AI technologies in an easier and more efficient way.

In the Field of Gaming and Entertainment

  • Rather it be virtual reality games or modern games Artificial intelligence has provided biggest assistance in this field too. The robots are always available to paly with you and therefore you do not feel the need of second person to play.

There is no doubt that learning an AI course will prove beneficial to you irrespective of which domain you choose. It is the future, and the future is now.