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Why Does Everyone Suddenly Have Fancy Fake Teeth?

The emphasis on having a bright smile is a generational one. Our generation is obsessed with being the best version of ourselves, as Jia Tolentino pointed out in her essay collection Trick Mirror. A perfect smile has become a status symbol on the internet, which isn’t so bad in theory. However, in practice, it can have a negative effect on your social life. To understand this, you must understand how our generation sees the importance of a perfect smile.

Demand for custom-made, natural-looking veneers

A growing trend in cosmetic dentistry is the demand for custom-made, natural-looking veneers. While the standard veneers start at $700, the cost of custom-made, natural-looking veneers can rise to a whopping $11,000 or more. While many patients are satisfied with a more natural-looking smile, others want more realistic results. To achieve this aesthetic, porcelain veneers are becoming more popular than ever.

The global dental veneers in Dubai market are composed of a number of players. Various players in the market are attracting to promotional activities, which help in boosting sales and driving the industry. Market players are focusing on developing cost-effective and durable veneers to capture the growing demand. Some of the well-known players in the dental veneers market are Biolase, Align Technology, Sirona Dental Systems, and Dentsply International.


In the US, dental diseases are one of the most significant public health challenges. Approximately 47.2% of adults suffer from periodontal disease and over 70% of adults aged 65 suffer from some form of dental disease. Furthermore, limited dental staff has negatively affected the dental veneer market. And there’s also a growing concern that more people will have more dental problems than they can handle. While this situation is, fortunately, a relatively small minority of consumers, it’s important to note that many cosmetic procedures are becoming more commonplace and that the market is growing.

Influence of social media

The social media phenomenon has led to more people deciding to undergo cosmetic dental procedures. In the past, only the rich and professionally beautiful had veneers installed, but that has changed. In two decades, people from all walks of life have started choosing this method of improving their smiles. Fact it has become a common treatment among traditional celebrities. Today, though, even people with perfectly normal teeth are opting for this procedure. Cosmetic dentist Michael Apa, who treats celebrities and models, has seen an increase in people choosing this type of treatment. He attributes this increase to social media.

The study conducted by Aldaij et al. found that participants from the younger age groups were more satisfied with their teeth and smile after they had the procedure. However, they found that the older age group was more influenced by the Hollywood smiles on social media than the younger ones. It seems that the influence of social media is a powerful influence when it comes to making a decision to get a set of new teeth.

Cost of veneers

You may be wondering how much it costs to get veneers. The cost of veneers varies depending on the type of veneer and whether or not your insurance covers the procedure. Some dental insurance plans have an annual limit for procedures, typically $1,000 or $2,000. This can put your veneer procedure out of reach if your coverage isn’t adequate. However, you can contact your insurance carrier to see if there are any discounts you can get on the procedure.

In addition to the cost of veneers, there are other expenses that can increase the overall cost. You will want to factor in those costs, as well as other recurring costs because they can add up over time. Getting your treatment done in an expensive city will likely result in a higher cost. This is due to higher rent, utilities, and staff compensation. Therefore, getting treatment outside of the city can reduce the cost. For this reason, you will want to contact a few dentists in your area before deciding on a cost-effective option.

Impact of Instagram on demand for veneers

The social media giant, Instagram, has changed the way people view beauty. It has popularized practices once reserved for the wealthy. The growing number of Instagram influencers has pushed the demand for veneers to new heights. Once a mere cosmetic option, porcelain veneers have become an essential part of the look of many social media influencers. Fortunately for consumers, these trends aren’t merely a trend; they’re also beneficial for the dental industry.

Previously, veneers were reserved for rich and professionally attractive people, but in the late 1990s, they began to find their way into the hands of traditional celebrities. In addition to the emergence of Instagram influencers, the growing popularity of veneers has resulted in a more attainable aesthetic goal. Many of these influencers, often referred to as “influencers,” are young women who are under intense pressure to meet Hollywood’s standards of beauty. These women are gaining followers and buying products based on their image.

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