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Why does Tyre Sidewall Damage Take Place?

Car punctures are really frustrating especially when they occur in the middle of roads. However, they are repaired easily and your tyres are ready once again to roll on the road surface. Tyres have a crucial role to play and they are rubbed against the roads constantly. Thus, there is no surprise if they face wear and tear over time. Punctures are easy to repair but tyres experience other types of damage that are not repaired and you have to replace your damaged tyres.

In this blog, we are going to talk about sidewall damage that takes place due to several reasons. Damage on the sidewall is serious and they are rarely repaired.

What is sidewall damage?

The sidewall of your tyres is a vital part of your tyres. You can recognize the problem with your sidewall by looking at scratches or bulges.

Sometimes a car owner drives his car near a sharp curb to hit the tyres with this sharp and hard structure. Results are not favourable and we see them in the form of serious sidewall damage. Sidewall damage may take place due to any sharp object on the roads.

Would it be a safe decision if you drive on damaged tyres?

You should not drive on damaged tyres even in your dreams. It is really dangerous. Damaged areas on the sidewalls are possibly weak due to the impact and it is also possible the whole structure of the tyre is damaged. Such tyres may blow at any time.

However, the depth and width of the damaged area also matter in this case. If your tyre sidewall has a shallow cut that is not too wide, you can drive on this tyre.

When should you worry about sidewall damage?

Do you locate threads in the damage? If yes, you should change your tyres immediately. Moreover, an air bubble in the damaged area is a clear sign that the tyre needs a replacement.

If you are not sure about the seriousness of sidewall damage, talking to the expert is the safest step you should take. Go to your expert and let them examine your tyres carefully. If your mechanic is in favour of changing the tyres, do it instantly.

Is only replacement a solution?

Generally, car owners enquire about repairing the sidewall damage. Threads in the damaged area make it clear that repairing the tyre is not a practical approach. Furthermore, bubbles also tell you to replace the tyres whenever it is possible.

What exactly causes side damage?

Sidewall damage occurs whenever a sharp and hard object hits the sidewall. Sidewall damage is also possible if the driver uses the tyres with a low inflation level. Manufacturing defects also cause sidewall damage but it is a rare case.

Are there any rules for replacing damaged tyres?

Surely, there are the following rules, if you are about to replace your tyres.

  • Replace both tyres if you replace the tyres on the front end. For a front-wheel-drive vehicle, you can replace just one tyre if you replace the rear tyres.
  • If you drive a four-wheel-drive vehicle, you have to replace all four wheels.
  • If you are confused about replacing your tyres, ask your tyre dealer to get proper guidance.

How to minimize the chances of sidewall damage?

As a thump rule, proper maintenance reduces the chances of tyre damage. Keeping the tyres in a safe condition is possible if you improve your driving habits. Avoid potholes, bumps, and kerbs while you drive your car. Moreover, concentrate on the inflation level as well. Driving with low air pressure is going to damage your tyres soon. Thus, you should check the air pressure in your tyres regularly.

If your tyres are damaged due to ageing, it is not possible to stop the process. In this condition, buying new Tyres Bredbury is only a solution. It is not recommended to use old and damaged tyres since they will not perform efficiently on roads and driving on these tyres is highly risky due to possible blowouts and punctures.