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Why GIIS is the Best Choice for a Nursery School in Noida

Pre Primary school is a pivotal stage in a child’s journey of academic education. Besides being a gateway to their future studies, a nurturing pre-primary school can help a child learn their abilities and values in a social environment. It is therefore of paramount importance that parents choose a nursery school that provides the right method of teaching. 

In this sense, GIIS Noida is an exciting option, with its various pre-primary teaching programmes under the umbrella of the award-winning Global Montessori Programme curriculum. In addition to the renowned GMP programme, GIIS has customized its teaching by integrating modern technologies while keeping the base principles of Maria Montessori’s curriculum, making GIIS the leading school in Noida.

Nursery School in Noida

A city like Noida which has been meticulously planned and designed to felicitate the projected growth was bound to have an influx of new families moving in from different parts of the country. With the surge in the annual numbers of families moving into the city, the rise of pre-primary schools has been exponential, especially in the last 10 years.

What should you look for in a Pre-Primary School in Noida?

With the abundance of options and information, it can be hard for parents to make up their minds in deciding which school they should select for their child. Some factors that one should keep in their minds are: 


Pre-Primary schools across the globe have adopted several learning programmes, each school opting for what they think is best for a child’s whole growth. As mentioned earlier, one of the most renowned programmes/ curriculum is the Global Montessori Programme. Some lesser known but equally notable programmes include the Reggio Emilia approach which focuses on expression through creativity, the Waldorf approach, the High Scope approach, etc. All of them are brilliant in their own ways. It’s for the parents to decide which approach meshes with their idea of education as the best.


Among the most valuable assets that a school can have are the teachers working in it. Parents often make the mistake of not getting to know the teachers that their kids would be interacting with daily. A good teacher can not only make the child’s learning an easy undertaking but can also make them more comfortable in listening by following their intuition.


A good chunk of a child’s experience of the school is felt on the playground. A good Nursery school should have a good area for the kids to stretch and play to make them more sufficient in their motor skills. Safety in transportation and infrastructure should also be one of the major factors in deciding the school for the child.

How does GIIS meet these requirements?

GIIS Noida is held as one of the finest Montessori Preschools. It offers the special Global Montessori Plus Programme. Which is designed in a manner that keeps the best of the traditional GMP method but also incorporates modern methods of teaching.

It offers the best teachers in the city who maintain a supportive environment for the child to grow. And they do that in the safe premises of the school that is monitored by state-of-the-art safety measures. Here are a few facilities that GIIS has to offer:

  • Montessori Laboratory
  • Kindergarten Play area
  • Art and craft lab
  • Audio-Visual Room

What’s the process of admission in GIIS?

The application form can be submitted in person on the school campus. Along with the submission of other essential documents such as the student’s birth certificate, parent income certificate, etc., parents can secure admission quickly after availing their initial campus tour or virtual counselling session. The final step involved is the payment of fees.


It’s only in a nursery class where the child gets accustomed to the world around them, through the medium of academics, for the first time. Therefore, parents can tend to get worried about the school selection process. However, GIIS with its renowned award-winning educational curriculum, excellent facilities, and a carefully curated group of teachers, has made the painful task of selecting a nursery school a little easier for the parents to ensure that a child’s holistic development occurs without any barriers.

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