Why is Singapore a Favourable Higher Education Destination for Indian Students?

Singapore has shown remarkable growth in the last two decades and has also registered a steady increase in the education sector. Singapore is considered the best study destination in Asia and even stands as the 4th best in the world. Offering a wide variety of public schools, 30+ international schools following foreign education system, and five autonomous universities holding a good rank globally make this country a better choice for education.

Indian students find Singapore to be their favorite hub for higher education. The proximity and affordable cost have resulted in a steep growth of 20% in the number of Indian students. Vibrant student life, first-class infrastructure, and challenging atmosphere make Singapore a perfect study destination.

Living and Education Expenses

In comparison to other study destinations of the world, the cost of living and education is significantly lower at Indian Schools in Singapore. International students have a choice to stay either on-campus or off-campus, private hostels, etc. Healthcare and transport facilities are available at reasonable costs.

Moreover, if a student serves the Singaporean government, then he gets a subsidy in tuition fees during his education period. 

English Proficiency

Singapore has four official languages, namely Chinese, Malay, Tamil, and English. All the universities conduct their courses in English, and most universities give huge importance to the English language. Over 75% of the Singapore population can speak English.

Scholarships for International Students

The Ministry of Education (MOE) grants financial aid to international students studying in Singapore. Some universities grant admissions to deserving students with a good academic record. Under need-blind admission criteria, the potential students are provided with financial aid to help them in higher studies. 

Visa and enrolment process

The process of obtaining a student’s visa is quite hassle-free to study in Singapore. A student need not apply for a separate student visa, as the process is linked to the admission process. The students qualified for admissions get their visa along with the approved admission letter.

The In-Principal Approval (IPA) letter works as a student visa, and a student can enter the country by producing this letter to all checkpoints. 

Good return on investment

A degree from a university in Singapore offers students a great return on their expenses incurred on their education. Singapore is a global business hub, leading to open several opportunities within the country. The fact that the graduates are sought after by multinational corporate giants, Singapore becomes the most favorite education hub for Indian students.

Multi-Cultural environment

Singapore offers highly multi-cultural and diverse nationalities, which facilitates the perfect ground for social interactions. A student can be assured of learning from a pool of highly qualified professors and a talented group of fellow students. 

With the melting pot of cultures in Singapore, one can never really feels like an outsider. One can even find a place named mini-India in the city, where you can get the taste of all the Indian cuisines. 

As quoted, ‘ Singapore is a well-developed flawless version of Delhi, where everybody follows the rules, worship cleanliness, and possess an open mind,’ the country is rightly set to attract more Indian students in the future.