Why is your Tyre Service Important? | Tyre Service

For many motorists, tyre service is a new concept but in reality, it is not. From time to time, servicing your tyres is getting fairly common because people understand the importance of their tyres. Just not your tyres, every part in your vehicle is essential. Each part has its own significance, and if they start getting damaged, they can affect the working state of your vehicle.

So, servicing the car is important to keep the working and performance up to the mark. Your vehicle needs constant care, especially when it is regularly used.

Tyre service- Tyre service is kind of important for keeping up the health of your tyres. Uniroyal Tyres coventry is getting common these days. It is a new concept of getting your tyres serviced, a way more convenient and relaxing. In traditional services, you visit the garage but in mobile tyre services, you just have to book the appointment and share your location with the professional. A team of expert technicians will visit you at your place and service your vehicle. They will service all the issues minor or major right there and you do not even need to go anywhere and waste your time. 

Getting your tyres serviced has its advantages- 

  • Your tyres are properly aligned, all the tyres are adjusted to a particular angle. This will make sure, your tyres are in coordination with the steering, they will not steer in one direction or cause disbalance while driving.
  • The tread depth will be checked if the depth of the tyre is less than 1.6mm, then the tyre needs replacement. It is illegal to drive with tyres under tread depth 1.6 mm in the UK. Tread helps in sustaining a proper grip, lack of tread will make your tyres slip in wet road conditions. 
  • Tyre rotation is done to cancel out the effect of uneven tread and premature tread. 
  • Servicing your tyres will maintain fuel efficiency. 

Car service- Getting your car service is one of the most important aspects as the whole working condition depends on the internal parts of your vehicle. After 3 years of frequently driving, the parts of your vehicle start degrading. To have a stabilized working vehicle and excellent performance, you must get it repaired from time to time. The need to servicing your vehicle increases once you complete 12,000 miles. 

There are two types of services you can opt for: Interim and full service. If you want to be cautious, you can get interim services done, it is done on a period of 6 months while full service is needed on a gap of 12 months and it’s a detailed repair, although, in full services, all the minor and major problems are fixed. 

MOT test – It is a government-regulated examination test to check the roadworthiness of your vehicle. It stands for Ministry of Transport and is regulated under all government rules and associations. It is further an affirmation to ensure that the vehicle is safe to be driven on-road with hundreds of other vehicles. Getting an MOT test is mandatory which is performed annually. If you miss it, you will be fined 2500 pounds and banned from driving. It is better to get your MOT test done for the betterment of your and your vehicle’s safety. Meanwhile, in the test, only safety parts are examined, they are not repaired or serviced. Like car service. 

For motorists, getting their car serviced is a waste of time as people these days don’t have leisure time. So, getting your car serviced on a holiday can be frustrating. To eliminate this factor, cheap tyres coventry is available for you. If you don’t feel like going to get your vehicle, tyres serviced, you just have to book your appointment at Philips Tyres for improve the condition of your vehicle.