Why Rainwater Harvesting is Important

Due to the large global population, there is a growing scarcity of water, oil, natural gas and other resources. Water is arguably one of the most important of these.  It is not only necessary for life itself but also for the simplest of daily tasks such as cooking, washing clothes and personal hygiene. Even though water is a renewable resource, its supply is slowly dwindling due unprecedented practices and their environmental impacts.

Is there a more sustainable way to use water? The answer is, yes.  Rainwater harvesting system can reduce dependence on municipal water supply, easing the demand on the valuable resource. Here are some benefits to installing a rainwater harvesting system.

  1. Water Conservation

Climate change is one of the biggest problems the world is facing today. Glaciers are shrinking, sea levels are rising, and natural disasters destroy lives and the environment.

One way to combat climate change is to conserve water. Doing this minimizes the effects of drought and water shortages, which can benefit humans and the environment.

  • Non-potable Water Supply

Rainwater harvesting systems collect water from rain. While not potable, rainwater can be very useful. It can still be used for irrigation, toilet flushing, washing vehicles and outdoor areas, cooling tower make-up and more.  Using harvested water for these needs reduces the need for high-quality drinking water supplied by the municipality.

  • Minimize the Load on Municipal Storm Systems

Many cities are over-burdened with stormwater runoff.  Harvesting rainwater on-site can reduce the amount of water that the storm system needs to handle.  In many cases, stormwater manage is required, and harvesting the water provides a solution that can benefit both the municipality and the property owner.

Are you looking for rainwater harvesting system installation service for your property? Make sure to find engineers who are experienced, passionate, and accredited by the US Green Building Council to help you design and build the best systems possible.

About the Author:

Water Harvesting Solutions Inc, is an expert in designing, building, and delivering custom systems for on-site water reuse of greywater, rainwater and stormwater on commercial and institutional projects throughout the USA and Canada.

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