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Why Web Conferencing is preferable to Video Conferencing?

Internet and the use of technology have revolutionized business operations. It has become more convenient to manage and run a business than it was before the internet entered the business world. Web-conferencing, an internet-based tool, has empowered individuals and businesses to conduct virtual meetings, put on presentations, hold training sessions, organize business conference call, etc. This tool has really helped businesses in organizing meetings during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. The usage of this web conferencing tool has increased many folds because of the remote working environments.   

As it is an easier way to organize a meeting, businesses across the world, regardless of the size, are adopting web and video conferencing solutions to fulfill the requirements of the remotely working workforce. According to a poll conducted by Trust Radius, nearly 67% of companies are increasingly investing in video conferencing software. This blog will walk you through everything about web-conferencing and help you make an informed purchase decision. 

Comparison between Web Conferencing & Video Conferencing: 

One of the main differences between web-based conferences and video conferences is the resource requirement. For video conferencing, you require a piece of dedicated equipment, some video conferencing solutions can mean a significant number of upfront investments, and web-conference, on the other hand, doesn’t require all this. Furthermore, the web-conference tool is more accessible for employees working outside the office.  

For instance, when you and several other colleagues together have a meeting with a client through video conference, you need a large screen in the conference room. Also, it requires a webcam and other dedicated video conferencing equipment.   

In comparison, with the web-conference tool, you don’t require all this equipment. Even without downloading anything, you can attend web conference videos through the web browser with an internet connection. Hence, it’s more flexible to hold web conference meetings with multiple participants located in different places. Furthermore, in many cases, web conferencing is as simple as sharing a link and meeting ID with the desired participants. Lastly, a web-conferencing tool generally includes features that are not available in traditional video conferencing software. 

Key Features of Web Conference Tool: 

This tool offers plenty of features that are highly useful in business communications. Here we have enlisted a few of them.  

HD Audio & Video: 

Having good audio and video quality in your system is fundamental to reliable communication. And web conference offers supreme quality and audio and video features. When participants can see and hear one another in full HD significantly, it affects efficiency and user experience. A good-quality web conference tool often comes with auto-mute capabilities, noise cancellation, and other features to improve overall sound quality. All these things make the experience much more user-friendly for web conference participants as well. 

Screen Sharing: 

When making a business conference call, presenters may need to show graphs, charts, and other visual information simultaneously. And for these reasons, many web-based conference services allow for several screen sharing options, such as desktop, specific applications, and browser tabs. This feature of web conference software feature is especially helpful for interactive live demonstrations to your team members and customers. 

Team Chat: 

Another important feature that communication systems should possess (to enhance call efficiency) is team chat. This is one of the widely-used features during online meetings. It facilitates real-time, text-only conversations among participants. You will find it extremely helpful when trying to raise up a question or exchange information with others without interrupting the flow of the meeting. This web conference feature ensures other means of conversation remain between participants besides audio and video. 


With the help of an interactive whiteboard, you can write, draw, and otherwise illustrate your ideas and show them to everyone in real-time. Moreover, the participants can also make annotations from their screens during the process. Some web conference platforms also allow users to download drawings and graphs from the whiteboard for future reference. 


During an online meeting or conference call, you sometimes need to share files of different formats with one another at some points; they could be PDF, word documents, presentations, or spreadsheets. Real-time file sharing is a web-based conferencing software option that ensures a smoother conference and collaboration process, avoiding back and forth email communications for participants. 

Wrap Up: 

In todays world of business where everything is turning into digital, having a digital solution to your problems is a need of the hour. And for businesses that are working remotely or need to work remotely, you need a Web Conferencing platform. This solution can accommodate multiple on-site and remote participants. 

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