unlimited wifi plans for home

Why You Need to Explore Unlimited Wi-Fi Plans for Home?

COVID-19 has brought about a new reality in all our lives – social distancing. Until a vaccine is developed, most governments across the world have asked its citizens to avoid travelling and stay at home. This new normal has also been imposed to office goers, school and college students, and more. So now with everyone spending more time at home, the demand for residential broadband plans has increased. It is most likely that your previous limited plan can no longer suffice and thus, you need to explore the available unlimited Wi-Fi plans for home.

Internet service providers (ISPs) now offer various unlimited Wi-Fi plans for home that differ in terms of speed, monthly data limit and post FUP speed. Let us explore the range available-

1.  Speed: When it comes to speed, you can receive speeds ranging from 50 Mbps to as much as 1 Gbps.

2.  Data Limit: This may be paradoxical, but because of the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) every unlimited plan will have a data limit. Once you cross the data limit, you would not lose the internet connection or would not be billed extra, but what will happen will the speed of your connection will come down. Known as the post-FUP speed, this is pre-set and can be checked with your ISP. Either way, the monthly data limit can range from 100 GB to as much as 3000 GB.

3.  Post FUP Speed: As mentioned above, the post FUP speed is predetermined so you need to check with your provider on what will be your speed once you cross the fixed limit. ISPs offer anything from 528 Kbps to 2 Mbps.

4.  Price: The monthly cost of unlimited Wi-Fi plans for home is generally costlier than limited plans. However, with the increased demand for unlimited plans, even these plans have become increasingly affordable. The monthly rental of such plans can vary from INR 599 to INR 1999. The costlier the plan, more will be the speed and monthly data limit.

5.  Add-on Benefits: With people locked in their homes, they increasingly rely on the internet for entertainment, studies, gaming and more. ISPs understand this need and have partnered with other popular brands in these fields to offer discounted access to its users. Therefore, if you are fans of platforms like Netflix, Hungama, etc. you can subscribe to them with your unlimited plan account and get huge benefits.

Who Offers the Best Unlimited Plans?

The answer to this question is a fibre internet service provider. Fibre internet is a connection that works with the help of fibre optic technology. This technology makes it the best broadband connection available. Therefore, when you opt for an unlimited plan, you will gain access to the fastest, most reliable, most consistent, and most secure internet connection.

Ending Thoughts

If your demand for internet has increased at home, we suggest that you start exploring unlimited Wi-Fi plans for home. These plans vary in terms of speed, data limit, post FUP speed, and add-on benefits, which you need to check before selecting a suitable plan for your home.