unarmed security guards

Why You Need to Hire Unarmed Security Guards?

The security business is a roaring trade nowadays. You can easily choose from their extensive range of services. Security companies provide these services as per your requirements and can help satisfy different jobs. Regardless of whether you’re opening a retail location, arranging a gathering you need security services. These services range from unarmed security guards to mobile patrolling officers and a lot more. These security services ensure the well-being of your possessions and protect your premises. Besides this, security services also serve the purpose of personal security. People need to choose wisely among the available security services in their area. Good reputation, trained and equipped personnel, and efficient monitoring services are some of the essential requirements of any security company. PROFORCE1 Protection Services is providing the best security solution for their clients based in California.

Why You Need Professional Security Services?

Security services are essential for any large-scale or small-scale business. What people invest so much in ensuring the safety and security of their place? Why security services are inevitable? Let’s discuss the benefits of hiring professional security services.

1- Protection:

Protection is one of the most important concerns of any person/ business. Whether it is your residential or business security, it always bothers you. Business security is important in both working and non-working hours. Because in non-working hours, your premises can be an easy target so it is important for you to ensure the security. Huge businesses can afford to have 24/7 persons for monitoring their premises. However, small businesses can ensure monitoring by installing security cameras. So, all these security services provide protection for your work and residential premises.

2- Well-trained security personnel:

Hiring security guards can increase the sense of security among owners, employees, and customers. Efficient security guarantee better performance of individuals. Further, it helps customers to encourage to do business with you. Security companies provide both armed and unarmed security personnel for your security needs. These security guards and high-trained and fully equipped individuals. They are aware of the necessary practices and protocols that should be followed during work. So, these individuals know how they can keep a property secure, as well as they, know how to respond to any potential threat.

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3- Customer service:

Basic customer services are part of security services. Security guards can prevent any intruder from entering or damaging your property. Security companies provide extensive services in customer care. Other than looking for trouble, security guards receive essential training to provide customer services. For instance, they can escort customers to the parking area at night, even they can direct them to different departments in the store. Security guards also protect the facilities on your premises and they try to meet the need of your clients and employees. This is quite effective as you can save a lot of money because you don’t need to hire additional staff for welcoming the visitors.

4- Quick response:

Security personnel can quickly respond to any alarming situation. For instance, any unwanted thing happens at your business place it may take up to 15 minutes for local police to appear. So, to avoid any such situation and to defend against any serious damage security services are available. Security guards can immediately control the situation with minimal personal or property loss.

5- Peace of Mind

Any potential threat at your workplace can make you feel uncomfortable. It can significantly impact the performance of your employees. So, keeping an efficient security service on your premises gives you peace of mind.

Qualities of Security Guards

Security guards, both armed and unarmed are an essential part of any security services. Security companies check the background and ensure the necessary qualifications before hiring a person. However, there are some qualities every security guard needs to possess including:

  • First and foremost, the quality of a security guard is alertness. A security person should be well-aware of its surroundings.
  • Except for being vigilant, a security guard should be honest. Contrary to that, a dishonest person can cause huge losses for your company.
  • A security guard should be physically fit to immediately respond.
  • They should possess good communication skills as well as they should be capable of providing good customer service to the clients.