blocked drains Hounslow

Why Your Drains May Become Blocked in Hounslow?

The majority of us have had a horrible experience taping or cleaning a toilet, and when it reaches the apex and refuses to drain, we look at it with fear instead of drinking water. Typically, the next step is to remove excess water and work on the drain with a plunger. If you cannot remove the blocked drains Hounslow, a significant problem occurs, necessitating the assistance of a professional plumber.

One of the most frequent reasons businesses and homeowners in Hounslow employ plumbers is blocked or limited drainage. Blockages are not only a nuisance; they may also cause considerable damage to your property and induce serious health risks to you and your family. However, what causes blockages?

We’ll explore the most common causes of drainage blockages in this blog, so you’ll know what to look for and how to bypass them.


Kitchen waste, which consists of food, grease, oil, and fat, is not a friend of the plumbing system. There is a great deal of advertising aimed at discouraging people from pulling down the oil drain. It contains meat, vegetable oil, milk, chocolate, fat, and more fat.

The reality is that while drain fats flush, fat is tenacious and eventually clings to the pipe. You should place trash, other fats, and oil in small disposable bottles and the trash bin. It would help to discard food scraps and pieces in the garbage instead of dumping them in the sink. It would help if you recognized that not every meal is compatible with waste disposal systems regardless of its strength. The waste disposal system aims to shred food waste into tiny pieces that flow into the drainage pipe, but many of our foods are difficult to shred.

Do not mist or wastewater in your bathroom, laundry drains, or toilets! Certain foods may be stiff, sticky, or stringy, making them unsuitable for use in a water pipe.

It’s critical for restaurant proprietors. You would not want to delay or obstruct supper preparation due to clogged drains. Take care to inform your personnel what constitutes a drain and what does not. Another option is to refrigerate and solidify it. In that state, you may simply clean it up.


This is the usual suspect in sewer and blocked water problems. Although tree roots are frequently detected in the pipes of ancient residences, they can infect any age of pipe system. According to some experts, gurgling noises are the first sign of a tree root invading the sewer. Everywhere, tree roots are drawn to water exploration. This may attract tree roots, which is especially dangerous if you live in a forest. When there are several trees close to your home, you must be vigilant for tree root invasion.

A video survey may help you determine whether your drainage system is capable of attacking the tree root. This is possible every couple of years. In comparison to treating a plumbing issue caused by a tree root, this check is less expensive.


Inadequate sewage pitch, pipes beneath, and a preliminary loading design can negatively affect the drain. It would help if you did this professionally to ensure that garbage is properly disposed of and minimized drainage damage.

The Emergency Plumber Hounslow understands that gravity-driven water systems need each pipe to follow the proper route of least resistance. Before inclining drainage pipelines, it is necessary to consider domestic demands to treat waste and water efficiently.

Additionally, it is undesirable to increase the size of property without balancing the plumbing burden. Avoid qualified plumbers, as the plumbing load is frequently exaggerated. The quantity of water supplied by sinks, restrooms, and toilets dictates the diameter of the drainage tubes. The usual standard for the diameter of the house’s main drain is four inches. Unfortunately, many plumbers and homeowners prefer residential pipes larger than that size.


If you are concerned, you should consider a clogged drain, followed by a survey of Hounslow’s plumbers. They can utilize correlator technology to send the camera down to the bottom to see what is happening and advise you on the best course of action. If you have water from another source, color tests can also be used to determine the leak’s location.

If a blockage occurs, a high-pressure jetting service can remove and repair any damaged or broken pipes. Contact them for additional information.