Bird Proofing

Windbreak and Bird Proofing Nets and Their Uses

Production of crops is susceptible to environmental conditions and carries a high degree of risk. Producers worldwide are not giving up on their search for solutions to reduce the environmental impact on production and meet growing market needs and particular consumer demands.

Strong winds, whether cold or hot, can be one of the biggest problems for growers, especially if grown in tunnels. Wind can cause many unwanted effects, such as tearing or breaking the plastic film or deformation of the structure. Due to the strong wind (above 60 km / h), the structure’s joints should be checked, as they may come loose.

What are Wind Breaks and its Uses?

Windbreaks are natural or human-made obstacles designed to reduce wind speed on crops. Its most visible objective is to avoid the mechanical damage generated by this climatic factor, such as breaking the shoots and leaves and the branches and fall of fruits. No less necessary is the microclimatic modifications caused by this type of barrier, which optimizes radiation, temperature, and ambient humidity and improves the growth and development of the protected crop. Investing in efficient agricultural shelterbelts can provide long-term benefits by improving the quality and abundance of produce.

Uses of WindBreaks

Windbreak protects crops from the wind.

Windbreak provides better ventilation during the summer months.

These act as a protective wall to protect crops from damage in the field or tunnels.

These Windbreaks are placed transversely to the direction of the wind. Each barrier protects crops 8-10 times its height. We recommend using wooden posts for the installation of barriers, as they have more flexibility than concrete posts.

What is Bird Proofing?

Birds sometimes become nuances in the growth of crops. Thus it is important to arrange for bird proofing. Bird Proofing refers to the protection against birds and flying creatures. Bird Proofing Nets provide protection against birds

• Bird Proofing nets are sturdy and durable and made up of high-quality material.

• These Bird Proofing Nets can protect your crops from being destroyed by birds and poultry.

• It is a useful garden net and will not hurt the birds.

• A great helper for your fruit garden and orchard.

The primary use in the installation of bird nets is to prevent the birds from damaging the production and the plant or the tree so that production and therefore profits are not reduced.

The installation of these is easy and can be installed in most orchards or crops since it does not prevent them from following their natural growth because it is made of polyethylene thread, making it a resistant and thin mesh. Being ideal for the production of grapes, melons, and plums, among others, because it makes the plantations suffer less from temperature changes.

Advantages of the installation of Bird Proofing Nets:

• Protection against attacks by birds and insects, maintaining production.

• UV protection

• It allows access to water, light, and air, controlling their intensity.

• Comfortable and economical installation of long usability.

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