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Woman Intimate Hygiene Tips: You Should to Know About It

In India, we generally don’t talk about this topic much as we see people making it look like a taboo. Just like body hygiene, feminine intimate hygiene is also important. How to choose expert feminine intimate Hygiene washes in India. And also important to select a vagina friendly cleansing product. It becomes very important to take the right care of yourself rather than just smelling good. You can see a variety of products in the market in the name of intimate wash for women in India so how to choose the right one? Here are some tips that every woman should know about intimate hygiene:

Don’t Use Scented Intimate Hygiene Products

Woman’s vagina is a very sensitive area and has a smell of its own. You are not supposed to apply anything down there and scented items like perfumes, gels, etc. can be very harmful to you and yours. It can irritate and disturb the natural balance of your vagina. Scents are made of chemicals and some have rubbing alcohol as their base. These scents will give temporary fragrance but irritation for a longer duration.

Always Check the Ingredients of Intimate Hygiene Washes

Your vagina is self-cleaning but the vulva (outer lips) is not so picky and do not invest in any chemical based product just for the sake of fragrance. Most intimate hygiene washes are not vagina friendly. And contain parabens which are very harmful both if taken orally and applied to the skin. You should always look for the expert intimate hygiene wash for women. You can also look for alternatives like vagina friendly cleansing products in India. The Rishikul herbal’s VG wash Gel is 100% natural and Ayurvedic free from parabens and soap.

VG Wash Gel – Feminine Intimate Care Wash

It is a plant based formula which is safe to be used on a daily basis. This is a natural protection and hygiene of your private parts. It will help you get rid of the unpleasant and unhealthy odor of your intimate area. The product is designed to maintain hygiene of your private parts. Sweat causes itching and irritation and sometimes disturbs the PH level of your vagina. VG wash gel will help you maintain the actual PH level. Using soap on your intimate area is not a good idea because it is basic in nature and hence will disturb the acidic PH of your vagina. The product is lab tested and has no parabens, no chemicals, and no soap in it. Ideal for daily usage. Being free from chemicals it can be used in pregnancy and in periods too.

Wear Soft Material Undergarments

Always choose a breathable fabric when it comes to lingerie. Cotton is considered the best fabric when it comes to comfort. You can wear fancy ones but try going for cotton undergarments for daily use, as they let the air pass and lets your skin breathe.

Don’t Wear Tight Fitted Pants 2 Days in a Row

Just like your undergarments, your pants matter too. They should not be too tight and should allow your vagina to breathe. Our skin has small holes that allow it to breathe and wearing tight pants will not allow the air to pass. Try making a habit of not wearing tight pants daily, give your body some rest for a day, and don’t wear it for 2 days in a row.

Change Pads/tampons Regularly

When you are menstruating things get messy and it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Choose a cotton pad rather than a gel pad as the gel after getting mixed with the blood becomes poisonous. Change your pad/ tampon every 5-6 hours to prevent the bacteria from getting into your vagina. Never wear a tampon while sleeping. 

Always Wipe From front to Back

As well all know there are toxins in our intestines that get flushed out through the butthole. If you use toilet paper and wipe it from back to front then those toxins can easily get into your vagina and cause infections. It is always advised to use water for better cleaning but always front to back.

Pee After Intercourse

During intercourse, bacteria are more likely to be transferred to you by your partner. If you make a habit of peeing after intercourse your chances of getting infected becomes less. As it removes the bacteria from the urethra and any fluidic residue. Cleaning yourself is a must after intercourse. 

Include Superfood in Your Diet

Vagina is very sensitive part of your body. Your diet will effects your vaginal health level. You can add these super food items in your diet and feel the drastic change in your vaginal health levels.
When it comes to yogurt, It keeps the gut healthy and contributes to better immunity. Yogurt maintain the healthy pH balance of your vagina. They will help you get rid of the unhealthy odor and flushes out toxins.
Citrus Fruits like Oranges and lemons
Citrus fruits are best for vaginal health. These fruits are rich in vitamin C. They will help you get rid of the unhealthy odor and flushes out toxins. For a healthy vagina, you should always have pineapple, orange, apples, lemons, etc.
Omega-3 is also very important for vagina health. Do you know that eating fish or omega-3 rich food helps in preventing endometriosis.

Drink More Water

Drinking water is directly linked to flushing out toxins from your body. If you are having dark yellow colored urine then you are probably dehydrated. The pee residue causes infections and irritation around the vagina so always clean your vagina with plain water or just wipe away the pee residue with a dry tissue.
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