Your complete guide on building OYO Rooms Clone app

On-demand business apps are the rulers of today’s business world. By meeting the customers’ demands and intensifying those demands, these are the trend-setters. One of the many on-demand apps that are helping out a lot of people and have changed the lifestyle is Online Hotel booking apps like Oyo

Oyo rooms are one of the most widely used apps in India by the younger generation by offering them great deals. It is taking up the largest number of budgets in the hotel booking business. Since tourists will locate the bookings in advance before arriving, it has catered to a lot of facilities starting from sharing an apartment to booking private rooms and many more. 

This, on one hand, made the clients offer us services at a lower cost and on the other hand, has opened doors to several plans of business entrepreneurs or those who would like to start a new business.

Looking at all the benefits, if you would wish to start an Oyo Rooms like app, then let’s analyse the features, models and development methods. 

Two distinctive business and revenue models: 

There are two models that an online booking app can be used in:

  1. Aggregator Model:

This model allows you to associate with the multiple hotels, property vendors and request partnership with them to provide their places in the application. 

This implies that the client will connect with them through your platform and get their hospitality services without knowing the place’s name. Here, all three parties would get benefited. 

# You would receive up to 22% of the profit for every booking

# The partnered lodging or room owners would get the big traction

# The customer would have a great experience 

This model was followed by Oyo Rooms until 2014. 

  1. Franchise Model:

This is the present business model of OYO Rooms. Here, you are the boss. Under this business model, the hotel rooms should be compelled to come by your terms, offer plans and conditions. 

A profit of up to 90% would be given to your revenue by the hotel operations. 

All the assurance of the quality of the services, development of the business should be guaranteed to you. 

Features of the OYO Clone application:

For developing an app like OYO, you should be aware of the basic functionalities. 

Registration and Login:

The functionality of the hotel depends mostly on the smoother experience provided in the app. So, you need to ensure that the login feature is easier and the user can log in using their social media accounts also. 


The bookings in the app should be error-free and the user should be able to book the hotel rooms with ease without any shut-down error or payment error. 

Search function: 

This lets the user search for the new or in-budget hotel rooms at their destination without hassles.   

Push Notifications: 

This would let the user know about any updates or when a new hotel is added to the list.

Check-in/ Check-out:

This feature allows the user to check-in or check-out from the hotel through the app.


It is the dynamic feature in all hotel booking apps. It allows the hotel owners to share any photos or videos about their hotel rooms so that the customer would be able to have a good time selecting and giving reviews about their experience. 

Easy Payment Gateway:

It allows the user to get multiple payment options to make their hassle-free and various offers on hotel bookings. Payment can be done through credit, debits, this part payment system and even online banking.  

There are other features also that can be added to the app and they are: In-app calling, secure data, account modification and invite friends. 

Process of development: 

The hotel booking app development comprises two methods. You can use whichever method you prefer. 

The first method involves developing it from the ground. There must be a team of members to create the app if it is developed from scratch. The team includes:

  • UI/UX Designers
  • Android and iOS developers
  • Front and Back-end developers
  • QA Engineer
  • Database Expert
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing team
  • Delivery Manager

The second method involves the Oyo Rooms clone script. The scripts are much easier compared to the first method. They are readily integrable and can be launched by just adding some special features that fit your needs. They are developed by a team of experts. They are totally customizable. 

Cost to develop the app:

The cost of application development is decided by various factors. They are listed below.

Application platform:

The development cost of the app depends on which platform it is launched whether Android or iOS. Android platform cost would be relatively higher than in the iOS store because they need more devices to be tested on. 


Modern technology must involve the development of attractive designs to lure customers into the application and to make them do reservations. The app must be designed in an engaged and user-friendly way. 

Mobile Wallet:

The addition of the mobile wallet though may cost in the app development, it has its own advantages. The immediate payment in the app may make the customers’ experience hassle-free. 

App size:

The overall size of the app depends upon the functionalities and features added in it. The charges are different for different features.  

Basic features: 

User accounts, their viewing, their history of bookings, etc. are the basic features that may vary depending on the occupied space thereby affecting the overall cost for an app like Oyo Rooms clone. 


So,  you have all the details of the app now. Layout all the plans about your features, your app development process. Once you are sure about everything, go for it!

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